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I'm a professor of international communications, in the Department of International Studies and English Communication, of Ritsumeikan University, in Kyoto, Japan.

Given the importance of motivation for learning a foreign language, the relationship of cultural and linguistic identity play important roles in increasing and maintaining the desire to communicate in a foreign language. My recent research includes a government-funded joint project concerning the possible effect of different study abroad contexts on L2 possible selves, L2 confidence, and intercultural communication competence, as well as an investigation in historical aspects of intercultural communication among Irish immigrants to Quebec and the Northeastern United States in the late 17th through early 19th centuries.

This web site describes some of the courses I currently teach, and gives lists of my publications and presentations. I have provided a few links to PDFs where possible; please check my Slideshare and LinkedIn pages for more details.

​**A note to prospective graduate students** I am currently not permitted to accept doctoral candidates for supervision, as we do not have a PhD program in Education. Please refer to the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School for further information.


T: (+81) 75-465-8187 (College of Letters)


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